Per and Esther, please accept our thank-you card as a token of gratitude for our great rental in Coral Springs. Next step, the purchase of our own home. Thank you.

Brad Coral Springs, Florida

We are home!

Thank you Parkland, Florida

Thank you Esther and Per for helping me find a great home for my VA loan.

Dan Coral Springs, Florida

Gracias de nuevo por otra venta de mi propriedad en Coral Springs. Siempre un placer trabajar contigo.

Thank you Per and Esther for selling my property at a great price. Also, thanks for your help in getting the property ready for sale.

Esther was able to propose various mortgage options in accordance with what we can afford. She was very helpful regarding all documentation process and always answer our calls. Always Professional and on top. Thanks for being on our side.

E. Eugene Coconut Creek, Florida

Great advice from Esther, and found good deal and nice apt in good community.

Marie Super Happy Customer /Coral Springs, Florida

Thank you Esther for doing a great job in the refinancing of my property. Your help in getting a low interest rate and insurance premium is greatly appreciated. Also, very happy in the purchase of our home through you and your company. We will definitely contact you for future real estate and financing transactions.

Gracias Esther por ser una gran agente inmobiliaria para mí a lo largo de los años, ya sea vendiendo mis propiedades o ayudándome como comprador

German B. Sunrise, Florida

It was such a pleasure doing business with you all previously. I had no choice , but to call you again. Furthermore, I have received your listings, and will be in touch later on this week, Thank you very much,

Vincent Coral Springs, Florida